Love the way rain looks in the mountains...

When I used to live in NYC, I hated rain with a passion.  You couldn't hail a cab to save your life. You almost always forgot your umbrella just so that you would have to dish out another $20+ for a new one just to forget it again. And best of all, the subways, that you would inevitably have to succumb to, would be filled with gigantic rats and a truly one-of-a-kind, detrital fragrance.  

Rain in Telluride is a COMPLETELY different story.  The rain out here is always welcomed. It brings out earth's most nutritiously decadent scent.  The rivers surge with vitality, the mountains radiate with waterfalls, and the clouds dance so far below the sky that the mundane is encased in a dream.  And then you get the epic rainbows to conclude this sensory feast.  I mean come on! 

This picture was taken during my morning commute to work today.    

So in the end, do I miss fighting for a cab in the pouring rain, fully decked out in heels and a power suit? Nope.