DO Good, BUY Good Paper

Cards are one of the most special forms of written communication.

 I cherish each and every birthday card I have ever received from my grandparents. I have shed tears over cards from friends sent during difficult times. I have spent up to an hour at a grocery store picking the perfect Mother’s or Father’s Day card.

 So what if the cards you gave your loved ones benefited more then the sender and the receiver? What if you could benefit the card maker as well?

 Good Paper makes this possible.

 Beautifully detailed and full of fantastic puns, Good Paper cards are perfect for making someone in your life feel special. Most importantly, Good Paper focuses on empowering women that have been fortunate enough to escape the sex-traffic industry.

 According to Equality Now, at least 20.9 million adults and children worldwide are victims of human trafficking. Of these, 6 of 10 survivors were trafficked specifically for sexual exploitation, and 98% are women and girls.

 Good Paper gives women a creative and reliable way to earn a living. And they, in turn, give you the gift of a beautifully handcrafted card for any occasion.

 So don’t hesitate to buy a Good Paper card and spread a little more “good” in this world.