As summer dies down in Telluride, I can't help but daydream about my upcoming trip to China, Thailand and Japan.  

I long for a selection of endless dim sum, a mind bogglingly cheap, five-star plate of panang and a hearty bowl of scalding hot ramen toped with the most perfectly blanched egg you have ever seen. 

If I'm not daydreaming about food, I'm daydreaming about all the artists and exquisitely handcrafted goods I get to find.  Hand-loomed textiles for days, jewelry and charms to die for, and to top if off; hand-carved teak anything!   

If i'm not consumed by thoughts of food and artisanal products, my mind finds itself excitedly anticipating all the adventures that await.   I mean to track down the best, most delicious food is no easy task.  And then to meet that one artisan that showcases skills beyond your wildest expectations is like finding something dear to you that is so small you're sure it just got sept away with the inertia of life....definitely no easy task.  

Just a reminder; no easy task while traveling means getting lost over and over again, food poisoning that debilitates the soul, getting pick-pocketed, running out of clean underwear, etc...

Oh, I can't wait! 

Come by and visit us before we close for the summer season October 9th! Or wait for us to reopen for the winter season. It is safe to say there will be a few amazing items to be had once we reopen!   

*Picture of a sweaty little hike overlooking my hometown, Phattalung, Thailand*