Happy International Women's Day!

I came across a very powerful quote from one of the most powerful women in the world- Melinda Gates.  "A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult."  

Armed with education and accolades, I still feel as though my own voice is but a whisper.  I long to be heard and am proud to see those that have found their voices using them for the benefit of all. 

Having met and worked with women around the world, I can say with absolute certainty that women are uniformly treated as inferior around the world.   Women's physical inferiority in relation to men makes women seem like the lesser of the two. But when it comes to matters of the mind and heart, there is but one denominator, and that is that we are all human. 

A good friend of mine once mentioned her disagreement with calling those that are weak "pussies."  For a pussy, in her "mother-of-two" opinion, is tough as sh*t.  One should really refer to those that are weak as scrotums. I think even men would agree, a scrotum, is weak as sh*t.